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Juan Habichuela Nieto belongs to one of the most important and longest-lived dynasties of flamenco, the one that comes from 'Habichuela the Elder', and who shone with his grandfather Juan Habichuela.

When he was 15 years old, Enrique Morente stopped by the house of Juan Torres Fajardo, today known artistically as Juan Habichuela “grandson”, and told him to accompany him on his tour of America. “I didn't believe it,” this young man admits today.
guitarist “At the age of 15 I was already playing in New York with one of the greats.”

He has accompanied great artists such as Enrique and EstrellaMorente, Pitingo, Lolita and Rosario Flores, Miguel Poveda, etc., but it was with Enrique Morente with whom he has worked most intensely and with him he began to develop his creative side, as could be seen in the montage theatrical 'Fedra' and in some songs from the album 'Pablo de Málaga'.

That trip “was definitive” to establish a vocation that had begun intensely at the age of 12, at a rhythm of 11 hours a day on the guitar, and that had an important leap when he was awarded the Golden Bordon at the Las Minas Festival. La Unión 2011 (Murcia), awarded to the best instrumentalist.

Juan Habichuela Nieto is, and that is why his grandfather chose his stage name, grandson of Juan Carmona 'El Habichuela', a master of flamenco guitar and according to experts the best at accompanying singing.

He has presented many of his shows alone both nationally and internationally, with great critical and public success.

It is not strange that he recognizes that what he likes most are personal concerts since that is where he can show all his talent: “I like
make the guitar sing, get all its expressiveness out of it and transmit it to the audience, as if they were dancing with it.”

His inspiration, the trail of the greats, who are his constant references: his grandfather Juan Carmona “el Habichuela”, Sabicas, Niño Ricardo and, of course,
Paco de Lucía.

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