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Juan Habichuela Nieto once again fills the European Summit in Granada with flamencoJuan Habichuela Nieto, king of flamenco melody during the Guitar Festival

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Juan Habichuela Nieto: “I needed to give eight hugs to my land and Lorca after the pandemic”

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Antonio Carmona, Juan Habichuela and Eliades Ochoa will perform at the Latin Grammy tribute to Paco de Lucía


The actor Pepe Cantero and the flamenco Juan Habichuela Nieto will receive the tribute from the Lorca Awards Film Festival


Juan Habichuela Nieto: "At recess, instead of playing soccer, I took my guitar and played"


The two faces of Juan Habichuela Nieto (with and without guitar)

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"I have the responsibility that my grandfather named me"

VIDEO Juan Habichuela Nieto plays a Christmas carol in Más de uno Granada

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